About Us


Politics & Ideas: a think net is a joint initiative of researchers and practitioners to co- produce and share innovative and relevant knowledge linking ideas and politics in developing and emerging economies.

We are a Southern led space that encourages researchers and practitioners in the field to speak about their own challenges and share their perspectives about how research can interact (or not) with policy making as they encounter them at the local, national and regional levels.

We aim to think critically about the relations between ideas, research, and politics to support a more constructive use of research based evidence in policy making.



P&I was initially supported through the GDNet 2010–2014 Research Communications from and for the Global South programme. It builds on over a decade of work and lessons learnt from the Global Development Network, including GDNet’s knowledge brokerage services and global networking experience and the partnership with CIPPEC on the Spaces for Engagement programme (2008-2013).

Where does knowledge come from?

We believe in the need to and value of co-producing knowledge. This co-production includes existing content from over a decade of work on the subject, original content created by the initiative’s team as well as that contributed by associates, collaborators and others. The value of the knowledge generated by this initiative is that it is specifically relevant to the contexts of those who work in them and their needs.

Only from the South?

Of course, not. Useful knowledge is useful regardless of its origin. But we want to encourage researchers and practitioners working and living in developing countries to identify the knowledge that is most useful for them and their contexts rather than to continue to accept and work with whatever is given, and often forced upon them, by funders and northern based international development institutes.

Good ideas, from the North or the South, are welcome but these should not be limited to what emerges out of the international development industry and they should be anchored in a robust understanding of the context and linked with real local capacity.

Why should you join us?

Politics & Ideas is a thinking engine to foster shared knowledge and practice between reckoned researchers and practitioners. Anyone interested in deepening his or her understanding on the relationships between politics and ideas and better using it in their fields of research or practice is welcome to be part of it.

It is also a meeting point for actors with different approaches, coming from the worlds of research and politics.

How can you contribute?

This initiative works and enriches itself thanks to the participation of its collaborators. You can contribute by submitting your own work, studies and ideas developed by others, and by participating in the different engagement spaces that the initiative will offer.

What topics do we approach?

We have decided to focus on  the following strategic topics:

P&I Capacity Building offer

  • Policy influence planning
  • Research communications
  • Monitoring and Evaluating and Learning policy influence
  • Funding
  • Governance and management
  • Use of evidence in policy making

The Team

The initiative is composed by a small team but will hopefully grow with new members, collaborators and associates.




Director: Vanesa Weyrauch




General Coordinator: Leandro Echt



Clara Richards






Andrea Ordoñez




Tomás Garzón de la Roza


Dena Lomofsky


Dena Lomofsky




Kristie Evenson




Annapoorna Ravichander





Vanesa Weyrauch




Enrique Mendizabal




Sherine Ghoneim


Annual reports

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