Call for essays and blog posts

We want to contribute to a better understanding of a number of issues related to the interaction between ideas and politics in developing countries. We are seeking for arguments, reflections and insights that, based on existing knowledge, support us in addressing some of our initial research questions on our research agenda.

That is why we are issuing a call for essays and blog posts that are focused on the following five topics:

  • Politics – Explore the capacity (competence and willingness) of the political system to make use of research based informed ideas –wherever these may be produced.

  • Ideas – Study ideas in their political, social and economic context and reflect on how these emerge, consolidate themselves, are shared and adopted, or rejected.

  • Funding – Analyze different funding environments, funding actors (national and international) and funding mechanisms/channels, and understand how these affect policy research centres (and researchers).

  • Communication – Study how communication takes place between different political players in different contexts, how ideas are communicated, and the role of boundary workers in connecting different communities, professions, and interests.
  • Capacity Building – Analyze how to support different organisations –think tanks, academia, policymaking bodies, political parties, the media, etc. in their capacities to create, share, discuss and use research in policy.

How to submit your work? Please write us at

This is an ongoing call. We are open for submissions until August 31st. We strongly suggest you submit your blogs or essays as soon as possible. The winners will be announced by September 15th. The best two essays and the best two blogs will receive a prize.

For more information, please download our Terms of Reference.