Monitoring & Evaluation & Learning

Why is M&E&L important?

There is a wide recognition that the way to influence public policy is sinuous and forked. Therefore, to track and understand what happened requires resources, time and efforts to systematize. Not surprisingly, the practices of monitoring, evaluating andlearning are scarce in developing countries. However, incorporating these practices into the daily life of the think tanks is well worth it. The use of these tools can be a smart organizational strategy to enhance the impact of their research in public policy, which is an increasing concern of both the institutions and their donors. On the other hand, an effective M&E&L plan can help them build their reputation and visibility, and attract more and better support to their work. Last but not least, it can generate valuable knowledge for all members of the organization if it is implemented with a genuine interest in learning.

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Some recent M&E&L capacity building activities

  • Online training to strengthen M&E&L on policy influence in Central and Eastern Europe (2014). More information and curriculum.
  • Mentoring support to during six months to carry out any M&E&L related plan/activity. Sponsored by the Think Tank Fund.
  • Online training to strengthen M&E&L on policy influence (2015).


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  1. Larry Weaver says:

    Thanks for pointing out that political monitoring can help build reputation and visibility. I imagine that monitoring would be incredibly helpful for politicians without a lot of support running for an office because it helps them get their name out to the general public. If I were to ever try running for a political position, I would be sure to include political monitoring into my plan to increase my chances of success.

  2. Leandro Echt says:

    Thanks for your comment, Larry. Indeed, monitoring results can also become a strategic communication tool to position a government agency or policy maker’s work with concrete evidence.

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