Doing policy relevant research

Why is doing policy relevant research important?

Researching (and researchers) is at the heart of what think tanks and research centres do. However, how often do we reflect on how we carry out research (especially in the context of its link with policy), and what are our assumptions about this work? Being at the core of what think tanks do, research capacities do not tend to be a central focus of the development of these organizations. At Politics and Ideas we are convinced that doing high quality and policy relevant research is just as important as communicating or disseminating it effectively.research_agenda

Are rules and frameworks for academic research appropriate and useful when you are doing research for policymaking? Or should we take into consideration different guidelines from those for “academic” research? Is researching for policy the same as academic research, but we would then just need to communicate it differently?  We believe that researchers and research institutions that do good research for policymaking have a set of unique skills that distinguish them from those that do purely academic work. These skills are not only communicational, but involve capacities to choose and design topics and plan research processes and gather data in specific ways as well.  Unravelling and developing those additional personal and institutional capacities to do good quality research for policy is needed.


Some policy relevant research capacity building activities

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