Capacity development

Objective: Strengthen skills to improve the production and use of knowledge in policy

Online learning course Leaders of change: developing policymakers capacity to promote the use of knowledge in policy

Supports staff to lead change within policy-making institutions for more effective use of research in policy.

  • Develops technical abilities
  • Addresses how to take political economy into account when approaching common challenges in strengthening the use of knowledge


  • 7 week course
  • Combines written modules with live webinars
  • Virtual forum to allow continuous exchange with facilitators and peers

More details available here.


“I would say that every single civil servant needs to go through this course…. If every civil servant is able to have some knowledge on evidence-informed policy making I believe it will positively impact on the work we do, so that whatever policy comes out reflects the needs of the people and addresses those needs.”

Thywell Kpe, Regional Director Department of Gender, Ghana


Face-to-face learning course Evidence-Informed Policy Making Toolkit

Supports civil servants and parliamentary staff to use evidence in policy making

  • Focuses on finding, appraising and communicating evidence
  • Facilitates the development of practical implementation plans


  • An adaptable suite of resources
  • 4 modules: 8 to 10 days of face-to-face workshops
  • Combines group activities with written assignments, external speakers, and peer learning exercises

More details available here.


Designing policies and projects to help street children, for example, will not succeed unless we base our intervention on evidence. Where to look for evidence, what is evidence? This is the most important thing I learned today… implementing any project without using evidence would be waste of resources. It would be a failure.

Female participant during evidence in gender policy development workshop, Ministry of Labour, Sudan

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