Coaching circles

Coaching Circles are a monthly collaborative leadership experience. They consist of carefully designed and safe space to share challenges related to our work and organisations and jointly co-sense what they mean to us, and how we can collectively co-create new approaches to deal with them.  

How do I motivate my team within this stressful and demanding COVID environment? How do I lead within uncertainty when I am being asked to provide security and direction? How can we enhance distributed collaboration to jointly work better together? 

These are just some examples of what we address. Challenges are proposed and selected by members of the Coaching circle. We then practice a set of different participatory methods and approaches that generate meaningful conversations and tap into collective intelligence to co-create ideas (Liberating structures, Theory U, Art of Hosting, etc.). 

We meet on Tuesdays every three weeks from 2-3.30 PM GMT in Zoom. Please sign up for upcoming circles:

Coaching Circle 1: case clinics, September 15. Sign up here.

Coaching Circle 2: case clinics, October 6. Sign up here.

Coaching Circle 3: How to collaborate within virtual environments, experimenting with concrete co-sensing and co-creation tools? Sign up here.