Empowering teams

People relate to each other and collaborate naturally if they are able to connect their personal purpose in work and life to the bigger, shared mission and vision of their team and organsisation. Transparent and deep conversations create the necessary trust and empathy to strengthen collaboration within teams.

The more organisations are able to listen and incorporate different voices, views and interests into their creative processes the more effective they will be. We empower collaboration in teams by bringing everyone together in safe spaces where all voices can be heard to co-create the better possible future.

We use different methods and tools that enable more inclusive, agile, and fruitful interactions such as Liberating structures, the Dare to lead toolkit (Brené Brown), and Agile methods.



Some of our projects

  • Empowering middle managers to lead engaged teams  for Latcom (Argentina) 
  • Face to face workshops on “Engaged teams” at American Express (Argentina)