Facilitating meaningful processes

Facilitate and accompany change processes and facilitation has been part of our services since the beginning of P&I (in policy engagement, link between researchers and policymakers, multi-stakeholder groups). Our approach is systemic and participatory: it takes into account the individuals as well as the complexities of living systems in which we all exist. Through approaches like design thinking, Theory U, the art of hosting, and others we create safe spaces that allow for collective intelligence to emerge achieving meaningful results.

When we work with teams or diverse groups to facilitate change processes, we focus on the visible and measurable elements that contribute to change (processes, capacities, etc.) and also on the invisible ones (culture, ideas, values, etc). The objective of such processes is to raise awareness of how things are, and from there, deciding on preferred mechanisms that bring about the desirable future for all involved.

We use different methods and tools that enable more inclusive, agile, and fruitful interactions such as Liberating structures, Theory U, Design Thinking, and Agile methods.


Some of our projects

  • Re-designing the strategic planning process for CIPPEC (Argentina) 
  • Diagnosing and improving the use of evidence at UNICEF (South Asia and East Asia and Pacific regions) 
  • Unleashing Southern Research Leadership with Technology with INASP, AuthorAid, The Institute of Coding, and The Open University (Global) 
  • Strengthening the financial sustainability of ILAIPP and its members