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Early in 2016, Politics & Ideas decided to join the On Think Tank School as a strategic partner to further bring our knowledge and experience in working with think tanks worldwide to new audiences and become part of a rich network of experts.

Thus we are currently participating as trainers at The Evolving Think Tanks Series which consists of six short courses especially tailored for the think tank community. These courses draw from over a decade of research and practice from various experts on the role of evidence in policy, think tanks, and civil society organisations. So far, two courses were delivered by P&I: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning about policy influence: are results worth the effort? and Re-thinking funding models.

By Ky under CC at

By Ky under CC at


Looking into the future, the On Think Tanks School is interested in continuously developing and enhancing its capacity building offer to help those who are eager to learn and find new ways of working at their think tanks (or supporting them).

We are already planning for the On Think Tanks School in 2017 and would appreciate your insights and suggestions on future courses. We will appreciate your collaboration in filling out this short survey to let us know what courses you would like to see in the future. 

As an incentive, the On Think Tanks School will be raffling 4 free spots in one of our upcoming short courses in 2016! Make sure to include your contact information on the last page.

Many thanks!

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