How can we make our research to be policy relevant?

At Politics & Ideas we are convinced that doing high quality and policy relevant research is just as important as communicating or disseminating it effectively to ensure its impact on policy. That is why in 2015 we launched the online course Doing policy-relevant research, with support of the Think Tank Fund and the Think Tank Initiative. Reflecting carefully on your research agenda is indeed a good way to ensure it is policy relevance.

A think tank’s research agenda is a vital part of its DNA; it reveals several aspects of an organization. External audiences, whether donors, government officials, other think tanks that can be competing or searching for alliances will try to make sense of your research agenda to determine your unique value added. Although the concept of a research agenda is frequently used among the think tanks’ community, it seems ethereal.research_agenda-550x368

As part of our partnership with the On Think Tanks School to promote capacity building for think tanks, two of P&I members, Leandro Echt and Andrea Ordoñez, will deliver a short online version of the original course. The course Designing policy relevant research agendas starts on May 2, and has the following objectives:

  • Discuss the principles of a policy-relevant agenda with the support of some examples.
  • Present concrete strategies to plan research agendas in consultation with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Draft a process that you will carry out to refresh an existing agenda or draft a new one.

This course is an opportunity to refresh your research agenda or to draft a new one if you haven’t done so yet. Drafting an agenda is as
much an art as it is a science. For this reason , it will focus not only on the concepts behind a policy-relevant research agenda, but also
on the practices of think tanks worldwide.

The course assignment we will encourage you to draft a concept note on how you will approach the process of drafting or reshefing your research agenda.

For further information on the course refer to On Think Tanks.

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