Innovating in organisations

Organisations are continuously changing, but their leaders and members are not always aware of this-and even many often resist it! Some changes are intended, many are not. This dynamic scenario represents an opportunity to connect to emerging patterns and activate everyone´s potential to evolve.

P&I offers organisations a wide range of approaches to navigate change in a positive tone. We help them produce holistic self-assessments (even if focused on one strategic function such as fundraising and governance we approach them as interdependent functions), detect leverage points for change, and decide what actions could be taken for the wellbeing and evolution of everyone.

We have also studied and worked with organisations that are manifesting new co-leadership approaches that enable them to become spaces of innovation, self-organisation, and unravelling of talents and purposes.

Some of our projects

  • Re-thinking funding models for ASIES (Guatemala) and ARU (Bolivia) 
  • Creating new ways to develop a strategic plan for CIPPEC (Argentina) 
  • Mentoring for new fundraising strategies for Providus (Latvia), Seechange, Praxis (EE) and Panoptykon (Poland) 
  • An organisational assessment for how evidence is used in the Secretariat of Public Administration (Peru) and the Environmental Protection Agency (Ghana)
  • Development of Context Matters Framework to strengthen the use of evidence in policy decisions
  • Innovating in governance for ASIES (Guatemala) and Grupo FARO (Ecuador)