Join us in our second Coaching Circle

At P&I we are committed to exploring the potential of collective intelligence. Circles consist of a carefully designed and safe space to share challenges related to our work and organisations and jointly co-sense what they mean to us, and how we can co-create new approaches to deal with them.

In our first Coaching circle, we practiced together a very powerful tool from Theory U called Case clinic, used to access the wisdom and experience of peers and to help a member of the group see new ways of responding to a leadership challenge that matters deeply to that person. We would like to share some reflections from participants to give you a flavor of what happened.

“I was amazed how regardless of our age, professional background, countries, where we live or, work and sometimes, even of gender, we face similar challenges and are all seeking guidance on how to overcome them. It is empowering to think that even if you face the same challenge and are having a hard time finding a solution, you can still be of support to others going through similar experiences. I guess, sometimes, perspective is everything! It is easier to approach the challenge when you are not part of it when you are rather the solution or given the role to be part of the solution” (Stella Utica, Republic of Moldova)

We meet on Tuesdays every three weeks from 2-3.30 PM GMT in Zoom.

The next circle will be on Tuesday 6th October: we will practice Case clinics again to deepen the experience and potential of the tool, and seed this collaborative space for other types of approaches.

Please, complete this short form if you want to attend:, and you will receive the link to the events.

The following circle will take place on Tuesday 27th October and we will focus on how to collaborate within virtual environments, experimenting with concrete co-sensing and co-creation tools.

We look forward to seeing you there! Feel free to extend the invitation to whoever you think could be interested!

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