Learning & Evaluating

We contribute to strengthening organisations’ learning culture by designing and applying co-creative, participatory, and diversity-aware evaluation approaches (from data collection, to use and communication), that embrace both successes and failures.

We have vast experience in multi-country and multi-stakeholder programmes, projects and organisational evaluation. We gather expertise in collecting and analysing information from different sources, synthesizing lessons, and developing actionable recommendations based on achieved and not achieved outcomes and learning.

We have extensive knowledge systematization capacity: we produce practical research that can be used in specific ways by different practitioners to inform activities, projects and other decisions.


Some of our projects

  • Evaluation of the global initiative Research4Life. Case study: Honduras.
  • Evaluation of Rimisp’s Project “Transforming Territories” (Chile, Colombia, and Mexico)
  • External Review of Rimisp’s Territorial Cohesion for Development (CTD) Program
  • Developing MEL strategies for think tanks in Ukraine
  • Light touch review of the online course Leaders of change: developing Latin American policymakers’ capacity to promote the use of knowledge in policy
  • Strategic reviews of Capacity Building Phase 1 and Phase 2 of IDRC´s Think Tank Initiative (Latin America) 
  • Development of Links of policy influence, a methodology to evaluate Rimisp’s initiatives
  • Development of an M&E methodology to monitor and evaluate the policy impact of Save the Children UK’s EVERY ONE campaign