Principles and Approach

Our principles 

  • We endorse co-creation.We value and enjoy co-creating projects where participants genuinely share their dilemmas, challenges and approaches.
  • We are curious and always open to learn and fail. We love learning with others and we dare to try new things and approaches, even when it means walking away of our comfort zones and when failing is a possibility.
  • We regard good ideas as a result of a network of thinkers and doers. We try to continuously include many perspectives regarding what the reality is, what it might be or should be. We welcomethe creative tension that these puzzles and contradictions bring about, and work to channel them towards viable actions.
  • We watch out for emergent solutions and patterns: we think that what defines successful leaders and teams in situations of great complexity is not the quality of decisiveness, but the quality of their inquiry and their willingness to be vulnerable.
  • We value flexibility and adaptability so that we can navigate different contexts and work with diverse stakeholders and issues.
  • Our drivers are service, kindness and professionalism: we love what we do, we strive to work with integrity and enthusiasm (which we always try to pass on!), listening to the deep needs of our partners. We believe in kindness as the main working principle and in how we relate to each other. At the same time, we are committed to deliver high quality services with an efficient use of available resources.


Our approach

We have co-designed an approach that enables the manifestation of our principles and which we believe can bring life, soul and value to our and others´ initiatives. The approach consists of 5 pillars:

  1. We work with our partners to establish a clear and genuine purpose/intention.
  2. To respond to that intention, we propose methods and processes where a diverse group can listen deeply to each other and to their contexts with an open mind, heart and will.
  3. We create holding spaces where trust is developed and participants are able to tap into their real potential, embracing their fears, unknowns and risks.
  4. We work with methods that enable the activation of the collective intelligence so that participants can co-create action plans based on what they have listened and learned and their shared purpose.
  5. We support continuous learning and agile adaptation of plans and actions through the use of prototypes.