P&I and INASP partner to strengthen evidence use in policy

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What can happen when two organizations partner for a specific project, discover that they share many interests and principles, and the outcomes of their joint work, both internal and internal, are really good? They might start to further explore their complementarities and synergies and they may conclude that they want to do more together. Indeed,the increasing complexity of promoting the use of knowledge in policy demands for more collaboration, but of the real one.

That´s our short story but it is just the beginning of it. Our organizations have worked together and collaborated in an informal way for a number of years:

  • In 2012, Politics & Ideas carried out the review of a capacity development programme on evidence-informed policy
  • In 2015, Politics & Ideas, with INASP’s support, developed an online course on ‘leaders of change’ to incentivize the use of evidence in public institutions. This course was initially open to participants in Latin America and was then rolled out to four countries in Africa
  • Both institutions jointly developed the “Going beyond context” framework and practical paper, highlighting key organizational factors that affect evidence use in public institutions in 2016.

Throughout these projects, we discovered that there is an attractive complementation on how we operate that could be expanded and capitalized; thus, we are happy to share with others that have forged a strategic partnership to enhance each other’s strengths and increase in this way how we add value to the research and policy field.

It will be up to others to tell large part of the rest of the story to come. We trust we will be able to put this alliance in service to researchers, policymakers, capacity building experts, donors and others passionate about the interaction between knowledge and policies.

We also have some concrete ideas on what to offer together, take a sneak view at our brand new portfolio on how we can help policymakers and please drop as a line if you would like to learn more about it. We are ready to open a new chapter of the story along with others, by co-creating innovative mechanisms and processes to support the use of knowledge in policy, that are both technically sound and politically savvy. To that end, we are committed to building on what emerges through others and with others as we evolve and learn.

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