Organisational Change Projects


Organisational change requires high energy and commitment from those leading it. A linear step by step approach will not suffice. P&I offers a variety of activities to promote organisational change:

  • Organisational diagnosis. We help public agencies identify the key factors that affect how they produce and use evidence, determine which factors are within their sphere of influence, and assess the capacities and resources required for change. Diagnosis can include tools such as skills audit, training needs analysis, analysis of organisational workflow and processes, and performance assessment of specific teams.
  • Co-design of change of plans. We help public agencies develop flexible and adaptive plans to maximize the use of evidence in policy. We work with public institutions to prioritize areas of change and identify the most significant barriers and opportunities, identify solutions by emphasizing effective engagement with relevant internal and external stakeholders, facilitate discussions and consensus building at the operational level without losing sight of a more comprehensive and long-term framework. Change plans may include the redesign of organisational structure, workflow and roles, the modification or creation of policies, tools and processes related to the production and use of evidence the development of training strategies and activities, monitoring and evaluation strategies, and evidence strategies.
    Courtesy of ellenm1

    Courtesy of ellenm1

  • Support for the implementation of changes. We offer tailored guidance and implementation support for leaders to generate change and inspire teams and colleagues. We design engagement strategies to help leaders implement change plans and advice on maximizing existing capacities and developing or strengthening new ones.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL). Learning is at the heart of our work. We help public agencies evaluate their progress and results to improve organisational learning. We use methods that allow institutions to be adaptive, generating evidence to inform ongoing improvement. We jointly devise practical and viable MEL plans with our partners that assess the results of efforts to strengthen the use of evidence in policy and enable teams to learn from insights emerging from their work. Our MEL support includes the design and implementation of organisational assessments and MEL systems, the facilitation of spaces to collectively discuss how changes are evolving, participatory tools to co-produce lessons learned, short and long term recommendations, and the development of MEL capacity among team members.

P&I’s members have long experience in helping policy research institutes improve their influence in policy. We can support these institutions in developing influence plans and communications strategies, designing policy relevant research agendas, and strengthening their monitoring and evaluation approaches. We also conduct evaluations of policy influence and organisational assessments that allow these organisations to learn from their performance and become more accountable to their main stakeholders. We are also experts in synthesizing lessons and producing actionable recommendations based on outcomes and learning.


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