Organisational Change Projects

UNICEF Evidence Diagnostic (in East and Southern Africa and South Asia)

  • Funder/Sponsor: UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti

    Workshop at UNICEF ROSA, Nepal.

  • Dates: January 2019 – December 2019
  • Partners: INASP

 The Evidence Diagnostic is a collaborative year-long exercise involving UNICEF Office of Research, a team from INASP/Politics & Ideas (P&I), and regional offices in South Asia (ROSA) and East and Asia Pacific (EAPRO). This partnership aims to build on UNICEF’s global evidence Survey by further unpacking and contextualising the findings at a regional level, identifying priority areas for change and supporting regional offices as they implement these changes (including M&E of the processes).



Diagnostic of the capacity to produce and use of evidence of the Environmental Protection Agency in Ghana and the Secretariat for Public Administration (Peru)

Workshop at EPA, Ghana.

  • Funder/Sponsor: Department for International Development (DfID)
  • Dates: January 2016 – June 2018
  • Partners: Politics & Ideas, INASP, PACKS

Politics & Ideas and INASP piloted the Context Matters Framework during 2017 and 2018 with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Ghana (in partnership with PACKS), and with the Secretariat for Public Administration of the Prime Minister’s office (SGP) and the Economic and Social Research Consortium (CIES) in Peru and. Each pilot lasted approximately eight months, and included interviews, focus groups, surveys, a series of workshops with internal and external stakeholders. The INASP and P&I team worked in close collaboration with colleagues from the agencies to design and carry out the diagnostic process.

The aim of the pilots was to use the Context-Matters Framework to:

  • develop a systematic diagnosis of a government agency’s capability to inform policy with knowledge;
  • strengthen key relationships between the selected government agency and local knowledge producers;
  • co-develop a change plan including strategies for addressing issues identified in the diagnosis, and consideration of available capacities and resources; and
  • jointly evaluate the progress and results to improve organisational learning.

Case study: Supporting organizational change to improve the use of evidence in environmental protection in Ghana


Development of the Context Matters Framework to strengthen the use of evidence in policy decisions

Context Matters Framework

In partnership with INASP, we published the study “Going beyond ‘Context matters’”, A framework to help govern

ment organizations improve their use of knowledge for policy making by understanding context. This knowledge systematization effort was carried out with the crucial help of others: four mentors from Africa, Canada and Latin America, and more than 50 policy makers, practitioners and donors worldwide that have been interviewed by the research team. This effort resulted in 3 products: a conceptual framework composed by 6 main dimensions, a practical paper with concrete implications for diverse users and emerging practices to improve the link between knowledge and policy, and an interactive product that summarizes the main content and lessons of the study.


Strengthening the financial sustainability of ILAIPP and its members

  • Funder/Sponsor: ILAIPP; Think Tank Initiative (IDRC)
  • Dates: August 2016 – July 2018
  • Partners: On Think Tanks

A consulting team composed by OTT and P&I supported the Latin American network of think tanks, ILAIPP, to strengthen the sustainability capacity of the network and of its members. The project consisted of the direct support to the network’s facilitator and executive body to establish a formal host for the network and develop a sustainability strategy. It also included the delivery of an online course on re-thinking funding models for think tanks in Latin America and a series of webinars; the mentoring of selected activities by think tanks in the network; and the development of learning products to share with the network and with the wider public.

Article: Searching for sustainable funding models: lessons from OTT’s support to Latin American think tanks

Learning product: Desarrollo de una línea de servicios orientada a la formación de capacidades para la investigación (ASIES, Guatemala)

Learning product: Lanzamiento de una campaña innovadora de comunicación (Fundación ARU, Bolivia)


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