Topic Guide on Politics & Ideas: Research and policy

This Topic Guide covers a number of topic and issues identified during a process of discussion and debate among the team members and others involved and is part of the Research Agenda for Politics & Ideas. It is presented in sections below and we encourage you to review it and add your views and resources to it. The guide was put together by Emma Broadbent with the support of Andrea Moncada and Leandro Echt and the inputs from Vanesa Weyrauch, Shahira Emara, and Enrique Mendizabal.

It can be found in the following pages:

  • Capacity building, including a discussion on the different approaches possible as well as the relevance of the knowledge that is imparted.


We ask you to contribute to its further development by:

  • Suggesting new topics or issues that could be included in a final version
  • Recommending additional resources (please submit them in the same format as in the Topic Guide: the full citation, a hyperlink to the resource, and a summary)
  • Contributing to the analysis presented in each section of the Topic Guide by offering your own views and opinion
  • Encouraging others to participate.

We only ask that you take is seriously and that your contributions are measured and constructive.

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