Unfolding leadership

Leaders have traditionally played a pivotal role in how organisations evolve and adapt to different scenarios. Within our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, more and more leaders today acknowledge that they do not know how to effectively lead and decide by themselves. The available knowledge and evidence are not sometimes enough to have clarity on how to move on.

We support leaders who are transitioning to new ways of co-leading organisations that capitalise on collective intelligence, self-management, and shared purposes. We train and mentor leaders willing to take on new approaches that lead to co-creation, the integration of heart and mind, and empowering teams to unleash their true potential.

We also help leaders integrate different sources of knowledge, ranging from inner wisdom to local and indigenous knowledge and research generated by experts and professionals.


Some of our projects

  • Integral Leaders for Global Challenges under the OnThink Tanks School (Global) 
  • Graduate courses on Emerging Leadership at Universidad Austral (Argentina) 
  • Mentoring directors and coordinators to design and implement M&E strategies for Open Society´s grantees (Eastern Europe) and funding strategies (Eastern Europe and Latin America)