Upcoming course on how to monitor, evaluate and learn on policy influence

[P&I has joined efforts with the On Think Tanks School and will offer its online course on Monitoring, Evaluating and Learning for Think Tanks within the school´s platform. The course starts on September 26th and lasts until November 11th. The fee is USD 500. The first 5 to sign-up will receive a 10% discount (Early Bird at USD450.00). And if you get one more person to sign-up OTT will offer you another 10% discount].


There is a wide recognition that the way to influence public policy is sinuous and forked. Therefore, to track and understand what happened requires resources, time and efforts to systematize this process and come up with valuable knowledge. Not surprisingly, the practices of monitoring, evaluating and learning are scarce in many think tanks.

influenceShould you invest in developing a MEL strategy for policy influence? We believe that it is feasible and worth trying.  A sound plan can help detect concrete ways to enhance the impact of your research in public policy by collecting systematic evidence on your results, which is an increasing concern of both institutions and their donors. Moreover, it can help them build their reputation and visibility, and attract greater support to their work. Last but not least, it can generate valuable knowledge for all members of the organization if it is implemented with a genuine interest in learning.

This course has been developed by Politics&Ideas with the collaboration of Southern Hemisphere and has been delivered in 2014 and 2015 through a select call to grantees of OSI/TTF and TTI. It is now offered through On Think Tanks School as an opportunity for all those interested in learning how to effectively assess policy influence.

Who is this for?

This course is for researchers, communicators, managers and MEL specialists of think tanks and organizations conducting research to influence policy interested in assessing and enhancing their current capacity to monitor, evaluate and learn on policy influence.

It is ideal for those at the early stages of MEL development and who are interested in designing a strategy that is viable and leads to concrete evidence and learning.

We will give participants a chance to try-out new concepts and tools to develop a draft of a MEL plan based on the real organizational capacity of their think tanks.


This Long Course consists of the following:

  • A background note on monitoring, learning and evaluating policy influence
  • An online forum to share comments, experiences and pose questions with the trainers and other participants,
  • An online library of specially curated resources on methods for MEL of policy influence
  • Four webinars facilitated by Dena Lomofsky and Vanesa Weyrauch
  • The delivery of three practical exercises to apply the lessons learned to your organization which will receive personalized feedback from the trainers.

Through this set of activities we will share reflections and cutting edge conceptual knowledge as well as specific MEL methodologies and tools. We will also promote peer learning by exchanging experiences and practices of participating think tanks.

For more info, please go here.

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