Come and learn about Management and processes for evidence use in policy making: recorded webinar #4

The “Going beyond ‘context matters'” webinar series explores six key dimensions of context as outlined in our conceptual framework.

The first webinar focused on the macro-context dimension, the second on the resources dimension, and the third one on the culture dimension.

The fourth webinar of the series addressed the fifth dimension of our framework: Management and Processes, which refers to how each governmental institution organizes its work to achieve its mission and goals, from planning to evaluation. management-processes

The recorded version of the webinar is available here. In the first part of the webinar, I presented the main sub-dimensions of Management and processes: Degree of systematic planning; Existence of formal processes; Positions, roles and responsibilities; Communication processes; and Monitoring and Evaluation.

In the second part, Louise Shaxson, Senior Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), and Mapula Tshangela, Senior Policy Advisor at the National Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in South Africa, pointed out with lessons learned and concrete examples on how DEA prioritises, sources and uses its evidence base as effectively as possible to deliver across the full range of policies and decisions it faces, as well as the challenges related to these processes.

Management and processes are crucial elements to shape opportunities for the production and use of relevant evidence in decision making. Learn more about watching the recorded version of the webinar here.


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All webinars in the Going beyond ‘context matters’ series are recorded and made freely available online. Watch them now.

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