Come and learn about resources for evidence use in policy making: recorded webinar #2

In our last post we shared the link to the recorded version and summarized the main ideas discussed at the first webinar of  our six-part “Going beyond ‘context matters'” webinar series, which explores six key dimensions of context as outlined in our conceptual framework. The first webinar focused on the macro-context dimensión.

The second webinar of the series addressed the sixth dimensión of our framework: Resources, which refers to the set of resources that are critical to an organization’s performance. These are the set of resources it counts to achieve its goals. A state agency may present an organizational culture that appreciates the use of knowledge and that has staff with the right capacities to generate it and/or digest existing research. However, if they lack financial resources, time and infrastructure, the real opportunities for use will be significantly diminished.

The recorded version of the webinar is available here. In the first part of the webinar, I presented the main sub-dimensions of Resources, ranging from budget to infrastructure, technology and time.sin-titulo

In the second part, Diego Gonnet Ibarra,  policy analyst and team leader at Planning and Budgeting Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Uruguay, pointed out with lessons learned and concrete examples on how budget allocation, political incentives, knowledge infrastructure and international organizations’ resources, among others, are all aspects that shape the way evidence interacts with policy decisions.

Resources are a crucial element to shape opportunities for the production and use of relevant evidence in decisión making. Learn more about watching the recorded version of the webinar here.


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All webinars in the Going beyond ‘context matters’ series are recorded and made freely available online. Watch them now.

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