Free webinar series: Going beyond ‘Context matters’ / #5 Organizational capacity / February 28

Are you a policymaker, a researcher, a capacity building expert or a donor interested in better understanding how context affects the interaction between knowledge and policy?

Join our free webinar series where we will explore in depth the six main dimensions of context (for a sneak peek navigate our interactive product) and discuss how we can concretely incorporate them into our interventions and work.framework1

In our fifth webinar we will jointly explore Dimension #4 of the framework: Organizational capacity, which refers to the ability of an organization to use its resources to perform, and includes components such as human resources, leadership, management and the legal framework. What are the main internal capacities that play a pivotal role in making the use of research possible as well as how it is taken up?

This is a 1.15 hour webinar that will center on these important questions. Join us on February 28th, at 1 PM GMT. If interested, send an email to with your name, organization, position, and country, and tell us if you plan to attend Webinar #5, other webinar (s) or the whole series. We look forward to an enriching debate and exchange!

The facilitators

Leandro Echt is the General Coordinator of Politics & Ideas and Coordinator of the On Think Tanks School. He works on the policy and research field, developing organizations’ capacities to use knowledge and influence policy making.

Vanesa Weyrauch is the co-founder of Politics & Ideas and Director of the On Think Tanks School, Argentina. She has worked in the policy and research field for the past 15 years, especially with think tanks and policymakers in Latin America.

George Amoah is a career Civil Servant in Ghana working as an Assistant Director I at the Ministry of Employment & Labour Relations (MELR) and working on policy related issues. He also serves Adjunct Trainer at Civil Service Training Centre (CSTC) which is responsible for providing skills training in the Ghana Civil Service.

The invitation is attached.

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