Our principles

This is our manifesto, the way we work and the principles we endorse: 

  • We believe that knowledge can improve public policies making them more inclusive, effective, transparent and equitable: when decisions are discussed and taken in interaction with what relevant stakeholders that are affected by them or who can affect them know they become better decisions.
  • We regard knowledge as a result of a network of producers and users: we try to continuously include many perspectives that draw the attention away from the ‘system’ as it supposedly exists in ‘real life’ and also think about what the system might be like, could be like or even should be like. The similarities and differences between what is and what might be will create puzzles and contractions. We welcome the creative tension they bring about.
    Courtesy of tinewashere under CC at flickr.com

    Courtesy of tinewashere under CC at flickr.com

  • We seek for emergence: we always look for potential links between individual and organisational change. We see events as a result from the interactions between elements, and which no one organisation or individual can control.
  • We watch out for emergent solutions and patternsas a way forward to build bridges between individual and organisational change. We think that what defines successful leaders in situations of great complexity is not the quality of decisiveness, but the quality of inquiry.
  • Our driver is service: we try to detect and co-create processes, mechanisms and knowledge products that can help anyone interested in enhancing the interaction between knowledge and policy. Rather than actively promoting our ideas, we listen and listen to those we want to serve.
  • We endorse co-creation: P&I does not own any product/idea/process it has developed. We have been able to conduct successful projects because of the richness and proactivity of those who participate in our activities and were generous in genuinely and generously sharing their dilemmas, challenges and approaches. They have helped us detect our way forward and in the future we will emphasize co-creation as the main path to contribute to our field.