P&I shares our journey at Radio Active/Bangalore’s first community radio station

Thanks, Annapoorna Ravichander, Executive Director at Public Affairs Foundation, for inviting Purpose&Ideas to share how and why we are evolving the way we work. In this podcast, Vanesa Weyrauch

In the programme Talk it Over we described how P&I’s redefining process was very synchronous with COVID. This VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous)  scenario requires a very similar process to the one we started back in December: the need to stop, look and then go (we borrow this three steps from David Steindl-Rast who is one of the leaders of the integration between Western and Eastern spirituality and wisdom). The coronavirus has yelled: stop! We cannot continue to live as we were used to…so how are we going to live? What type of work are we going to create and promote? How are we going to produce our food and take care of our planet?

If interested in how we are delving with these questions, listen to the podcast here.

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