Why leadership

Leaders could play a pivotal role in changing organisations and systems so that knowledge is better used to inform policy decisions. After many years of conducting capacity building, providing technical assistance and doing research on how to improve the link between knowledge and policy, we are convinced of the large role leadership plays in enabling significant change in our the interaction between knowledge and policy. Traditional responses and conventional approaches are getting shorter and shorter in the face of our complex, vulnerable and uncertain environment.

There is a clear calling for a new kind of leadership. In fact, young leaders in policy research institutions and government agencies increasingly recognize that they face very similar challenges, as global trends affect their work and context in similar ways. Interdependency is more visible and thus the awareness of the potential for collaboration. The time seems to have come.

Courtesy of Team One Chicago under CC at flickr.com

Courtesy of Team One Chicago under CC at flickr.com

Most of the leaders regardless of their age would agree that when we think how knowledge and policy are transforming our systems we realize that we are not achieving the outcomes we desire. If this is true, why do we continue applying the same types of approaches and strategies? Who will dare to change himself or herself and allow that transformation impact teams and the overall organisation?

P&I is excited about the emerging future that is emerging through those leaders who dare and we are eager to support them with a model that combines inspiration with co-creation, and always as a collective and shared path.